Windows Odyssey

Windows Odyssey is a codename for a cancelled version of the Microsoft Windows operating system intended to succeed Windows 2000. It was later combined with Windows Neptune to create Windows XP.

Windows Odyssey
A version of the Microsoft Windows operating system
Working stateNever released
Kernel typeWindows NT
LicenseNon-disclosure agreement
Support status


Windows Odyssey was intended to replace the business-oriented Windows 2000. Development began in 1999 and was based on Windows 2000. The version number of Windows Odyssey is still unknown and unverified sources claim it as Windows NT 6.0. Features planned for Windows Odyssey were the new Activity Center and the new user interface. However, due to high hardware requirements and because Windows Odyssey and the consumer-based Windows Neptune were based on the same codebase, Microsoft combined them to form codename "Whistler“, Windows XP, for efficiency. No builds or versions of Windows Odyssey were leaked or released by Microsoft because the product never left the planning stage.

Confidential documents from the Comes vs. Microsoft case do state that Windows Odyssey was indeed under development.

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