Zone Bowling

Zone Bowling
Founded1985 as AMF Bowling
ParentThe Entertainment and Education Group (TEEG)

Zone Bowling is a group of over 40 bowling centres in Australia and New Zealand currently owned and operated by The Entertainment and Education Group (TEEG).


Originally known as AMF Bowling Australia, originating as the Australian part of the bowling division of American Machine and Foundry (AMF). AMF began a joint venture to manufacture pinspotters in Australia in 1959 in view of the growing popularity of ten-pin bowling in the country at the time. By 1964 1,600 bowling lanes existed in Australia, but the popularity of the sport had begun to decline.

In 1985 a group of private investors in Richmond, Virginia, United States purchased the bowling division of American Machine and Foundry to form AMF Bowling Companies, Inc. (later known as AMF Bowling Worldwide).[1] The company then bought two major Australian bowling chains to revive interest in bowling. AMF Australia expanded from 16 bowling centres to 30 by 1987, and to over 40 by 2004.

AMF Bowling Worldwide sold its Australian division of to Macquarie Leisure Trust (now known as Ardent Leisure) in February 2005 as part of AMF's strategy at the time to re-focus on its U.S. bowling business.[2]

In December 2017, The Entertainment and Education Group (TEEG) announced that they had purchased the bowling and entertainment division of Ardent Leisure in order to merge it with its Timezone entertainment business, forming a combined entertainment group encompassing Timezone, AMF, Kingpin and Playtime, one of the world's largest family entertainment centre groups. TEEG operates in six countries with over 250 locations.[3] All AMF bowling centres in Australia were rebranded as Zone Bowling.[4] Centres in New Zealand were rebranded Xtreme Entertainment.[citation needed]


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