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15th c. ← Establishments in Nigeria in the 16th century→ 17th c.
1500s establishments in Nigeria             150115021503150415051506150715081509
1510s establishments in Nigeria1510151115121513151415151516151715181519
1520s establishments in Nigeria1520152115221523152415251526152715281529
1530s establishments in Nigeria1530153115321533153415351536153715381539
1540s establishments in Nigeria1540154115421543154415451546154715481549
1550s establishments in Nigeria1550155115521553155415551556155715581559
1560s establishments in Nigeria1560156115621563156415651566156715681569
1570s establishments in Nigeria1570157115721573157415751576157715781579
1580s establishments in Nigeria1580158115821583158415851586158715881589
1590s establishments in Nigeria1590159115921593159415951596159715981599
1600s establishments in Nigeria1600

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