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17th c. ← Establishments in Nigeria in the 18th century→ 19th c.
1700s establishments in Nigeria             170117021703170417051706170717081709
1710s establishments in Nigeria1710171117121713171417151716171717181719
1720s establishments in Nigeria1720172117221723172417251726172717281729
1730s establishments in Nigeria1730173117321733173417351736173717381739
1740s establishments in Nigeria1740174117421743174417451746174717481749
1750s establishments in Nigeria1750175117521753175417551756175717581759
1760s establishments in Nigeria1760176117621763176417651766176717681769
1770s establishments in Nigeria1770177117721773177417751776177717781779
1780s establishments in Nigeria1780178117821783178417851786178717881789
1790s establishments in Nigeria1790179117921793179417951796179717981799
1800s establishments in Nigeria1800


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