Category:Baseball stubs

Articles added into this category should be split into lower-order stub types unless the article is for baseball in general. If necessary, please replace {{baseball-stub}} with one of the following:

  • {{baseball-bio-stub}} - For biography articles.
    • {{baseball-catcher-stub}} - For baseball catchers.
    • {{baseball-infielder-stub}} - For baseball infielders.
    • {{baseball-manager-stub}} - For baseball managers.
    • {{baseball-outfielder-stub}} - For baseball outfielders.
    • {{baseball-pitcher-stub}} - For baseball pitchers.
  • {{negro-league-baseball-stub}} - For Negro league baseball articles.
  • {{baseball-competition-stub}} - For baseball leagues, competitions, or tournaments.
  • {{baseball-team-stub}} - For baseball teams.
  • {{baseball-season-stub}} - For baseball seasons.
  • {{baseball-venue-stub}} - For baseball venues.
  • {{Asia-baseball-stub}} - For articles related to baseball in Asia.
    • {{Japan-baseball-stub}}
    • {{Korea-baseball-stub}}
    • {{Taiwan-baseball-stub}}
  • {{Australia-baseball-stub}} - For articles related to baseball in Australia.
  • {{Europe-baseball-stub}} - For articles related to baseball in Europe.


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  • Template:Baseball-stub
  • Template:Baseball-org-stub

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